Welcome to Blue Storm Travel Basketball

Our Mission

Athletics & YOU provides athletic, academic & social guidance to our youth, in an attempt to produce quality members of society, while offering our youth the opportunity to improve their quality of life physically, mentally & morally through athletics.

Blue Storm Offers

We provide fundamental basketball skills and travel basketball play to youth from 8 years of age and older. Currently we have teams from 3rd to 7th grade at the division 1 and 2 level competing in USSSA, YBOA and AAU travel basketball tournaments.

Travel Basketball Seasons

There will be on average two (2) tournaments scheduled per month. The tournament regular season typically runs from January thru July/August. However, there may be an occasional pre-season travel basketball tournament available to prepare players for the start of the regular season. Pre-season is from October thru January.

Our Coaches

Blue Storm coaches have over 25 years of basketball expertise from recreational, high school and college level coaching, as well as professional playing experience.

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